As the creator of Mindblox and the Golden Call, Tess is interested in knowing how our behaviour, thoughts and choices shape our brain, and then our mind and eventually our life experience.

She is a coach who works with small business owners, managers, team leaders and individuals who are looking to transition from the sofa to an active, healthy happy fulfilling lifestyle.

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This interview has been edited into an introduction + 14 parts.

Introduction to Dr. Dennis Coates

Part 1: A Discovery

Part 2: What is the PFC?

Part 3: Connectors & Circuits

Part 4: HOW we are all different

Part 5: Where we get it wrong

Part 6: HOW to wire the Brain

Part 7: Let them in on it

Part 8: Goals & Imagination

Part 9: DANGER

Part 10: Gaming & the TEEN Brain

Part 11: What about the future?

Part 12: The Race against time

Part 13: Foundations for +25

Part 14: Old Habits & New Habits


1. Why have you interviewed an expert on the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC)?

Answer: We are in the business of personal development, and specifically the areas of performance and confidence. The PFC plays a radical role in each person’s life experience and we thought it might assist people in their choices if they knew a little more about it.

2. Why is most of the interview based on the Teen brain?

Dr. Dennis Coates has been focusing his work and research around young people age between 12 and 23/25 as those are the years when the PFC is going through major growth. We thought as a company that coaches youth and adults, it might be worthwhile learning what this idea might be from the start. You will be informed as to what you can do if you are already past the age of 25. Life is not quite over.

3. Why so many videos?

Science has just proved that a goldfish has a longer attention span that a human, 9 seconds over 8 seconds, so for us to put up a 1-hour video might have been an ambitious ask, don’t you think? We have simply taken the full interview and broken it up into bite size pieces for you. We hope you enjoy each part as you reach it.

4. Who should watch these videos?

If everyone who came to the paged watched that would be outstanding.

This is aim specifically at:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Teenagers
  • Anyone keen to stop living an average existence.

We really would welcome comments, questions and any light bulb moments.

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