The Spotlight Story

Spotlight was born on a drive home from the theatre one night back in February 2018.

Imagine a car, full of friends laughing and chatting with happy energy after attending a great fun show. The humor and feel good factors so high, a giggle or two at some OMG jokes, a variety of topics bouncing around the car.

In that moment Tess had a vision of a live event that she wanted to create. An event that could recreate that exact feeling she had in her car with her friends as she drove them home that evening.

Tess Day, Mindblox

An event that was held in different towns in North East Scotland, on a monthly basis.

An event with amazing guests, real people speaking about real issues, through real stories and advice to help others in certain areas of their lives.

Tess will be your host for for each event. She is our very own loose woman of the North East and she brings a hint of “Ellen” and a dash of “Oprah” into the room.

Come along and let her entertain and inspire you, by sharing stories that have changed lives and in the process open the door of opportunities to all guests as they become inspired to try new things and connect with new friends.

You can expect

Real stories.

Real issues.

Real people,

who will  inform and entertain you throughout the event.

Become inspired as you get up close and personal with Tess and her guests.

Tess Day, Spotlight

So this event is for you,

if you are curious about…

Real people.

Real issues.

Real stories.

Real results to help inspire and connect everyone.

Theres always a welcome drink to start an evening that’s entirely about giving back to you.

You work hard, take care of your family in one way or another.

Guess what?

You probably leave very little for yourself.

Tess has one aim!

“Her aim is to top you up at every event. Leaving you feeling energised, inspired and raring to go while ‘Keeping it Real’.”

P.S. If you or someone you know has a inspiring story / journey please introduce us. You never know they might be the guest at our next event.

What’s on your bucket list?

Book your tickets to the launch of Spotlight here.

SHMU FM with Tess Day

And if that is not enough, tune in to join Tess and her special guests each Friday between 2-3pm on SHMU FM (99.8fm) or if you are out of the Aberdeen area listen live online at

If you missed us live and want to listen to the last show broadcast then follow this link: