Is your back-story coming up as predictive text?

S – Something

H – Happened


I – I

T – Think

___________________ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME

Sometimes life is pretty shitty, when I did my first fire walk- back in 2012 I learnt about this SHIT analogy. So this is your life. How does it rate between 1 – 10 ?

The fact that you’re here reading this post tells me you are alive, living a life.  I bet it’s a life mixed up with good stuff and bad stuff.  The degrees of good and bad will be different for us all.

The greatest distinction is how we deal with our experiences.  I was as guilty as the next person of getting caught up in my story.  Things that occurred in my childhood, teen years, oh goodness even my 20’s and don’t forget about the 30’s hell the 40’s are raging.  Especially when it comes to dealing out the blame as to how my parent choices impacted my life and on and on.  Are you getting a picture in your mind of your back-story?

Its just one big reel of movie film and if we keep the play button on we can happily exist stuck in the past every single day of our lives.  The reason for this is it’s easy to repeat and replay what has been; it becomes a familiar pattern where we know how to be, know what to do and say.

If I was to ask you to break the pattern, burn the film and stop playing the same tapes over and over again.  Instead begin to create and invent new ways forward, without getting tangled up in past events.

As tragic as it might seem, the past is in the past.  I have worked with people time and again on this subject, and what always comes out, as a spectacular surprise is this.  When they truly look at their life and the back-story they keep bring to the future they suddenly see how the old story no longer has any relevance or baring on their current life.  This becomes a powerful agent for change and growth.

It isn’t always a simple matter, because we tend to define whom we are by what has happened to us.  If we drop the story then what excuses will we have to stop us from fully stepping into a life that is less painful?  But one that requires effort, creativity, fearlessness, determination and bravery to push beyond our boundaries to new frontiers.  Where the idea of just settling with the status quo is no longer acceptable or an option.

We live in the texting generation how many times has predictive text created the wrong message that you have sent to someone? Is your back-story constantly.

Sending the wrong messages? Is it not time to begin writing a new better authentic story that will get you exactly what you want?

Mindblox actually delights in working with clients on this subject, the results are very remarkable and life changing.

If there is something you would like to discuss, perhaps an old story is really stopping your progress we would be very happy to help you unravel it in a safe and supportive environment.

Just leave the old story where it belongs, move forward with curiosity and try new things.

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