Get in touch to book a complimentary session with Tess where you can talk through the results you want to achieve. During the session, Tess will walk you through the Mindblox approach, and together you will decide the best way forward.

Your journey can include:

  • Gaining clarity
  • Planning your way forward
  • Golden calls to keep you motivated on a daily basis

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‘A passion created by you appreciated by many’

Tess Day


2 hours

The most important part of any personal journey is knowing the results you want to achieve.

Stage one is all about gaining the clarity you need to make sure you get to where you want to go.

This isn’t to say the vision you start with is the one you have to stick to. Like a ship crossing the oceans, you will course correct every day. During this stage, you’ll explore:

  • You personal values
  • Your reason for starting a business
  • Your business purpose
  • Your operating values


9 hours

This is where the magic happens! You know where you want to go; you know the results you want… now it’s time to create a plan that will get you there.

The core of the Mindblox way is daily action and frequent feedback. To that end, this stage includes:

  • Honing your vision
  • Testing and evaluating your plan
  • Tracking your progress
  • Help you set task actions
  • Starting your journey


Daily accountability.

Building a business can be tough. Our days are filled with unexpected challenges and surprises. How we deal with these challenges (procrastination, hidden fears) will determine how far we go.

The Mindblox Way recognises that this is a difficult journey that can, even if we work with others, be extremely overwhelming and lonely. That’s why the Golden Calls are so important. They bring the professional and the personal together for outstanding results.

Our Golden Call gives you daily contact with your coach:

  • A 10 minute call first thing in the morning.
  • A focus for that day…
    • Mindset – check
    • Keys actions for the day – check
    • Blocks removed – check
    • Real results – check.
  • 5 days – 50min – minimum of 10 valuable actions achieved
  • Inspiration – momentum – confidence – success


For One

  • 50 min – £60
  • 100 min – £120
  • 150 min – £180
  • 200 min – £240 (Special offer till June 2019 – £220)

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Small Businesses and Teams (2 -10)

  • 500 min – £600
  • 1000 min – £1200
  • 1500 min – £1800
  • 2000 min – £2400 (6% discount till June 2019 – £2256)

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“You were born to do something special.  Lets discover it together”

Tess Day

At Mindblox we get that life isn’t lived in clear, separate compartments. And it shouldn’t be! Where’s the joy in segregating each element of your life? The stress of sustaining that is unimaginable!

Boxes contain value but their true magic can only be realized when the lids are off and the various parts are able to work in harmony together.

Mind – Body – Spirit

Work and life in balance – not 50/50 or 60/40 but a custom design that fits your needs and wishes.

When it comes to our personal lives, we know that if work is tough it affects our home and families, and if we’re struggling at home, then work will certainly suffer. Ask any team leader, manager or small business owner how this imbalance can lead to extreme levels of stress, depression, anxiety and mental breakdowns.

This is why The Mindblox Way involves looking at every aspects of your life: we know that work will creep into your home, and home will creep into your work – especially when you’re building your own business. And even more so when the business you’re building is based at home!

On top of that, there are times when circumstances force a need to look at life purely from a personal perspective. Dealing with extreme change (like the loss of a loved one) is scary for almost everyone. It can knock in your confidence, and impact every aspect of your life.

With Mindblox, you’re never alone. We’re here to help you through the ups and downs of your business – helping you grow stronger, more at peace, and comfortable being the best you can be.

Without health and wellbeing, you’re unlikely to achieve the results you want to achieve.

So it’s full circle…

Stage One of The Mindblox Way includes looking at why you do what you do. To answer that questions, you need to look at the whole you.

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Whether it’s to reach the peak of a chosen sport or simply stay fit, strong and healthy, our mindset is critical.

So often we have the talent, determination and vision, but our mindset trips us up and holds us back.

At Mindblox, we love working with our sporty clients because improving their results in the pool, the gym, the pitch or the field, almost always ends up benefitting their work and family lives too.

And there’s magic in that….

Get in touch with Tess and let Mindblox help you retain that competitive winning edge.


We work with young people between the ages of 12 and 19. During the process, it’s important that we maintain a connection with parents as they are a vital part to any development their child goes through.

IMPORTANT: Child and coach conversations are completely confidential. Parents are not privy to these discussions unless it is deemed necessary by the coach. If this is the case, then the young client is made aware of this and a way forward to share with the parents is planned. This is essential to ensure a level of complete trust is created during the coaching process.

Getting Started: A more in-depth introduction with all concerned is essential prior to any coaching with the young client. It is also important that the young person is given every opportunity to decide if this is something they want to enter into in the first place. To that end, the first 30 minutes of the 1.5 hour exploratory session be ‘no charge’. This allows both parties to meet and talk without commitment. During this discussion, the coach will explain what the sessions will entail and how they will work. If a good rapport is created between the prospective client and coach, then both will decide if it is a good fit.

If both are in agreement at the 30-minutes mark, then they will proceed with the next hour. If not, then there is no fee and nothing is lost.

Feedback will be shared with the parent if this is the case.

Issues for youth coaching include:

– Life issues – Bullying – Sexuality – Anxiety – Depression – Low self esteem – Confidence issues – Career Guidance

We recommend most clients be prepared to commit to at least 6 appointments to ensure enough time is given to working though all aspects to get the best outcome.

Everything discussed in all our coaching programs is kept in the strictest of confidence and we will never discuss your sessions with any other parties.