Month: October 2017

Wellbeing – Being well

Wellbeing is such an overused term these days but don’t allow it to dilute its importance. The world is currently in turmoil. Changes are occurring in countries across the globe. This is creating massive impacts to peoples wellbeing. Stress levels, worry, and personal pressures are at an all time high. Poor mental health is impacting peoples lives at higher levels that ever before. This is a fact reported by a number of governmental organization. So […]

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Dream Boards for High Performers

They’ve been around for years, and in the personal development industry Vision Boards have been used for team building as much as for individual visual goal setting for as long as I can remember. So what is the difference between a Vision and Dream Board. ALOT It’s the Outcome vs the correct steps. Visionboards were designed to support an individual in defining their long term lifestyle ambitions, the house, the car, perfect partner, holidays, kids, […]

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